How to Unlock ET on SuperEx

SuperEx is a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange that gives new members an automatic, locked 10ET as a welcome bonus. As a result, a lot of individuals are searching online for information on how to unlock Et on Superex.

So, I'll provide you a step-by-step tutorial on how to unlock eT on the super exchange wallet in today's post.

But first, allow me to define et and explain what you need to know about it (the superex native token).

How to unlock et on superex

What is ET (superex native token)?

ET is the cryptocurrency issued by super exchange (the first Web 3.0 exchange). Currently, it can be trade or swaped with other coin on superex wallet.

The acronym ET means estraterrestrial token.    Its the native token for it was issued on TRC20 network. It can be used to pay for transaction fee and get discount on the superex wallet.

ET Token Information (Tokenomics)

Name: Estraterrestrial Token.

Symbol: ET.

Total Supply: 1 Billion (1,000,000,000).

Network: TRC 20 (Tron network).

How to Unlock ET on SuperEx

Starting from September 30, 2022. SuperEx have lunch a new unlocking event that will allow any registered user to unlock the ET he earns from the official superex airdrop. 

As we all know that ET token can be earned by either opening new superex account or inviting new members to join So, there are also two ways to unlock et. Which are the way to unlock et earn from signing up and the one earn from referral. 

Therefore, I prefer to explain how to unlock et on superex in two subheadings. You can go through them below.

How to Unlock Sign up Bonus ET on Superex

This is the type on et airdrop credited to your superex wallet Immediately after opening a new account.

Likewise, this et can be unlock by you at anytime. The only thing you have to do and unlock it is to be actively trading on superex app.  

You can trade either trade spot or merging/futures on superex app. So, hurry up and deposit money to your account and start trading to unlock your et. Because, this is the same proces I followed and unlock my ET on superex as you can see it from the screenshot below. 

Alternatively, you can just hold the et given to you and wait for the next announcement from superex officials. Because, they might announce a new way to unlock et very soon!!! 

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How to Unlock Referral Bonus ET on Superex

Each time you invite a new user to successfully register and open SuperEx account, you will receive an ET airdrop. But the ET token given to you is locked i.e. it can't be trade or withdrawn. 

Additionally, you as the inviter could not unlock that ET, its only the the invited friend who have the ability to unlock that ET together with the inviter when trading Spot or Futures.  

So, when your invited friend is actively trading on superex,  the ET you earn from referring him will be unlocked ET and credited in real time together with his registration bonus according to the below formula.    

Unlock quantity = transaction fee * unlock difficulty / ET price

In order to begin the new ET unlocking quest with your friends who have not yet enrolled on SuperEx, act quickly and share your exclusive invitation code/link with them!

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Hopefully you now know how to unlock ET on SuperEx. In order to unlock the et that was given to you by trading on the SuperEx app, act quickly.

Similarly, if you haven't signed up for SuperEx, it's not too late; sign up right away to receive 10 ET for free.

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